A downloadable Puzzle Game

Team Name: Ryan Scott

Team Members: Ryan Scott - rsbrautbusiness@gmail.com

Game Name: What Lies Above

Name of Submission: RyanScott_WhatLiesAbove.zip

Gameplay Instructions:

  • Right Mouse - Switch Between Summer/Winter
  • Left Mouse - Grab Objects
  • Mouse Wheel - Adjust grab distance while holding objects
  • Mouse to look around
  • Space to Jump

Content Created before the jam began: 

  • Necessary Sounds (Marketplace Asset) - used for ambience, UI Sounds, Interactable sounds.
  • Auto Settings - Scalability framework for settings menu
  • Unreal Engine default Skybox
  • Font - What Lies Above - Google Fonts

Gameplay footage (Warning, spoilers for some puzzles).

Alternate Gameplay Footage (Full, unedited playthrough).


Ascend an ancient tower, switching between one time and another to solve mind-bending puzzles and reach your prize. What's hidden beneath the ice, is revealed in the heat of summer. What was closed in one timeline may be open in another.

The very architecture of the tower shifts as you move between timelines to ascend.

Install instructions

Download, Extract, Run "WhatLiesAbove.exe"


RyanScott_WhatLiesAbove.zip 151 MB


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Mac version pls, looks awesome

I might be able to package it for mac, but I don't have any way to test if it works, unfortunately :(


I can be your tester ^.^